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Graphical Issues


I see some graphical issues. My current browser is the latest version of Vivaldi (1.14.1077.60 (Stable channel) (64 bits)), and while it shouldn't have any problems running 60fps videos or even playing a dumb browser game (Granblue Fantasy): for some reason animations slow down and video footage looks cut at times. Prior to Mint, I installed W7 and none of these problems occured, yet for some reason not all USB ports worked or even had trouble with the wireless/Ethernet drivers.
I'm only currently using the drivers provided by the system/driver updater (with AMD microcode on) as AMDGPU-PRO does not work on 18.3, and there seem to be no alternatives.  Is there any possible solution to my problems?

Please help.

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Re: Graphical Issues

There was a link available on this that have the all data available on this along with the all details that was available on it that was good. I have to get the details that was available on https://www.renderforest.com/blog/create-linkedin-video this was good to get the all details that was among the all formation and ots format.

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