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Why didn’t the Broncos run the ball more?

Numbers don’t lie.There are two from the Denver Broncos 27-23 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday night that tell the story.Thirty-seven.Twenty-two.The first is the number of pass plays called by Broncos offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave. The second is the running plays called by Musgrave. For those in Broncos Country Garett Bolles Jersey , the question pinging around from the fourth quarter until this morning — why?The Chiefs defense could not stop Denver from rushing the ball if they tried. Kansas City could have had 22 guys on the field, and it still couldn’t stop the Broncos from running the ball. That is a slight exaggeration, but you get the point.As a team, Denver averaged over seven yards per attempt, led by the dynamic rookie duo of Royce Freeman and Phillip Lindsay. They became just the fourth pair of rookie running backs in NFL history to rush for at least 65 yards and a touchdown for their team in the same game. That is remarkable. But when you look at the 37 passes to 22 rushes, you would think Denver was trailing most of the game. But that’s not the case. At all. The Broncos actually had a 23-13 lead at the start of the fourth quarter. It’s even more egregious when you see Freeman had only eight carries and was on the field less than Devontae Booker (33 percent for Booker, as opposed to 27 percent for Freeman). In that situation and with how he was running, Freeman should have gotten the carries to help eat time and give the defense a breather.So, again, as Adam Malnati and I asked on the MHR Radio Podcast, why?As I noted in the winners and losers story after the game, if Musgrave calls 30 or more runs in that game, Denver may have won. And if you look at the second-to-last drive, it seems he abandoned the run after first down. Lindsay was stopped for a 1-yard gain and Musgrave proceeded to call two pass plays that resulted in a killer three-and-out. Over the course of the game Authentic Jake Butt Jersey , it seemed Musgrave abandoned the run no matter how many yards were gained on first down. Why? As noted earlier, why wasn’t Freeman in the game in that crucial drive in the fourth quarter?One is left to wonder if Musgrave was in some sort of competition with Andy Reid and the Chiefs offense. Did he want to show how much of an offensive genius he was, rather than stick with what was working for his unit? It just made no damn sense to me.It was obvious from the second offensive play that the Broncos would control the line of scrimmage and dominate with their run game. As the game wore on, that became more apparent to everyone ... save for the guy who matters most.But wait, it gets better (or worse). Musgrave moved to the coaches box for this game. The thought was that, if he could see the whole field, it would help with his play calling. No, seriously. You can’t make this shit up.Musgrave’s incompetence cost his team a win in a game it should have won, and it takes away from the performance of Freeman and Lindsay. In fact, had Musgrave done what any capable offensive coordinator would have, Freeman and Lindsay would have finished with better nights (namely Freeman, who had only eight freaking carries) and the Broncos would have won.Numbers don’t lie.The MHR Radio Podcast is now on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify Youth Connor McGovern Jersey , Stitcher and TuneIn. Please subscribe to the one that fits your fancy, and also rate and review what you hear.Ultimate Fan predicts a big Broncos win over the Jets to get back on track Whew! It’s been a frustrating couple of weeks for Broncos Country as we watched a promising 2-0 start suddenly become 2-2. But playing the Jets is a great antidote for preventing a losing skid and keeping player - and fan - morale in check.The last time the Trevor Siemian-led Broncos faced the Jets it was a shutout at home, and our Ultimate Fan is predicting a similar outcome in Jersey this weekend, though letting the Jets have a few points. BayAreaUnitedInOrange has crossed the country to follow this team into the hostile Meadowlands and cheer for the Orange & Blue. If he can handle the three-hour time change and NYC traffic, then surely our Broncos can handle a two-hour time change and a little football game, right?Week 4: Broncos at JetsMHR - The Broncos lost to the Chiefs after leading by 10 heading into the 4th quarter. Are you more angry that they ended up losing or encouraged that they were hanging in with the Chiefs until a few costly mistakes screwed that up?BayAreaUnitedInOrange: I was encouraged for 45 minutes, then frustrated more than angry for 15 minutes. The game was there to be closed out. All four of our games were a play or two from Broncs being 4-0 with a blowout or two. I am very encouraged overall at the quarter post.MHR - The Broncos’ running game is on fire - averaging 7 yards per carry against the Chiefs as a unit - and many fans are angry that the ratio of running plays to passing plays was 22 to 33 against KC. Do you want to see the Broncos run the ball more this weekend even though the Jets run defense is one of the best parts of its game?BayAreaUnitedInOrange: Absolutely. Run sets up the pass, IMO. That might be old school game planning, or in my case just plain old. I see our running game getting used early, often and effectively.MHR - Speaking of ratios, Case Keenum’s TD:INT ratio is awful - 3:7. I’m not one to worry as much about a total number of interceptions because there’s always a different story for each one, but the trend is troubling. How are you feeling about Keenum right now?BayAreaUnitedInOrange: A bit of buyer’s remorse. I was a big fan of getting Keenum or Bridgewater or Tyrod Taylor vs breaking the bank on Cousins (how do you like that NOW Vikes fans, hahahaha). The trend is troubling. The weapons on offense with our running backs in particular are a serious upgrade over last year. I felt our offensive game plan would benefit Case with efficient, effective and at times http://www.broncosauthorizedshops.com/a … ton-jersey , explosive play opportunities. We need consistency first.MHR - While the Jets do have a solid run defense, their secondary is suspect with a rather weak corner. Should Bill Musgrave put the ball in the air more - despite Keenum’s INT tendency? With Demaryius Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders and Courtland Sutton is this a game to show off their talents?BayAreaUnitedInOrange:Yes and no. Establish run game including short passes to backs in the flat. Let’s stretch their “D” sideline to sideline. If we can get the Jets “D” to adjust to what we are doing and load the box, then we can use what should be superior one-on-one matchups with our wide receivers.MHR - How do you feel about Bill Musgrave’s play calling? What player would you utilize more and what player would you reduce targets?BayAreaUnitedInOrange: I am frustrated and confused like most Bronco fans, especially with the run-pass distribution last week. Go with what is working and adjust as needed. Definitely, call Royce Freeman’s number more. I know everyone wants me to say reduce DT’s target (*editor’s note: not me!). If we are hitting our running backs out of the back field more, DT’s targets could be reduced a bit. I still feel Thomas can be a dominant player at times still, but more of a possession receiver with Sutton being the better downfield threat.MHR - Thoughts on Marquette King? He hasn’t been amazing. Would you bench him this weekend (assuming he could play) or would you roll with the new guy?BayAreaUnitedInOrange: Puzzling so far. Where is the 11 percent altitude distance home advantage?Where are the kicks inside the 10?Where is the booming 60 yarder with hang time when the room to kick is there?This is an odd one as every other aspect of our Special Teams is noticeably improved and King as punter on paper was an immediate upgrade too. Hasn’t happened yet. Sit him for a game and try new guy this week.MHR - The Jets’ rookie QB has struggled the past two games. How should Von Miller, Derek Wolfe and Chris Harris Jr. - and their respective defensive units on defense - attack the young Sam Darnold?BayAreaUnitedInOrange: Unlike the mobile QBs of Weeks 1 and 4, we know where this guy will be. Bull rushes to collapse the pocket, force him out of the pocket, then bring him down!Let’s test Darnold’s left-handed passing skills. We win that match-up. For defensive backs, anticipate quick passes, again Royce Freeman Jersey , and press the Jets’ wide receivers. They have little in the way of consistent performers on offense - Bilal Powell and Quincy Enunwa, and that’s about it.MHR - There’s been a lot of head scratching from fans - but also players - about the coverages called for the defense. Players were begging for more press-man, but then it bit them in the a** last week on a 2nd-and-30 play. Do you think Joe Woods is calling a good game and it’s just execution? Does he give in too much to his players? For this weekend’s matchup, what kind of mix of zone and man do you call?BayAreaUnitedInOrange: I will leave defense schemes, the X’s and O’s,and what we should do to our more talented MHR posters. We can stop the run with our front seven and pressure Darnold into several mistakes early. Von Miller and the defense have a bit to prove this Sunday. Dominate early with front seven and man; drop a bit to zones once we have the lead; Simmons and Parks playing centerfield for a late pick to close out the day.MHR - Vegas gives the edge to the Jets playing at home, but Vance said the Broncos’ strengths are built for winning on the road - good running offense, strong defense. Which team gets the advantage in your mind?BayAreaUnitedInOrange: Denver’s strong D should stifle Jets run game and force Sam Darnold to try and best us. Our run game is built to win games, we just need to use it!MHR - Which players will be playmakers for the Broncos this week?BayAreaUnitedInOrange: Royce Freeman. Denver’s game plan should have No. 28 written in ink all over. Von Miller will feast on the rookie QB Sunday.MHR - How much of a factor do you expect the Jets crowd to be - will they be on fire to beat the Broncos or “meh” because their team is 1-3?BayAreaUnitedInOrange: This will be my first game in the Meadowlands this weekend. I’ve followed a bit of the Jets’ fan pages this week and the phrase “second consecutive ghastly performance by Sam Darnold” is bringing the fan base expectations down considerably from Week 1 performance. I am expecting a heavy dose of the Vonster and NASCAR defense to take away any crowd factor early.PredictionsThe Favorites How did you become a Broncos fan?I grew up in the quality football devoid region known as Detroit in the 60s and 70s. After moving to Denver in ‘81, I instantly became enthralled with the Orange Crush D followed by the Elway years and titles. Now nine years in the Bay Area, still a devout Orange fan as my name implies.

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Re: Why didn’t the Broncos run the ball more?

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Re: Why didn’t the Broncos run the ball more?

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